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Nightnews at the Fringe in 2009

August 18th, 2009 (04:44 am)

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Nightnews at the Fringe in 2009

Nightnews dark fringe coverage for 2009 has been active for the past week, the final Nightnews Fringe 2009 recommendations list is now available at the Nightnews website

Check it out, we have found some new stuff in the way of venues, new companies and free shows that are worth a look!


Check out our Fringe 2009 recommendations, in a handy downloadable txt format file available from the fringe section of the website and fringe 2009 page

Including our music reviewers picks

Read our dark reviews :: coming soon
Find your way through the fringe with this consolidated page of handy links to the best venues and free stuff!

Our dark pix impressions are being migrated to picasaweb, Nightnews and associate photographers links are as follows

Edfringe 2009 Impressions will be at this link

Terence Chan Photography (Official)
Nightnews will be featuring associate Terence Chans work online and in our print projects...

Decide what to see, get out there, support the fringe have fun! Reviewers so far are the Webmaster and Jerome Cryans specialising in music reviews. Have an especially Dark Fringe

Other recent updates:
Nightnews has recently rewritten the Edinburgh Events page, we hope that you like it ;-)

Nightnews Webmaster