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Gig & Club Event: Thursday 05th November 2009 7.30pm. Bands Psydoll, Metaltech; A Burlesque; ...

November 5th, 2009 (04:16 am)

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Gig & Club Event: Thursday 05th November 2009 7.30pm. Bands Psydoll, Metaltech; A Burlesque; Art, Music and DJ's by the Come Collective. Edinburgh.

Presenting, a night of circus themed, music theatre.

The Voodoo Rooms, Ballroom
9-19 West Register Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AA
0131 556 7060

Thursday 05th November 2009 7.30pm.
'A Night at the Circus' - Program features

Music Theatre Bands and performances by

PSYDOLL Tokjo Japan
'j-rock, melodic metal, electronic retro-futurist..'
'metal-industrial, beats, sequences, rock staging..'
Come Collective & DJ's
'multi sensory, interactive music, arthouse, to dance to..'
Mystery Dancer :: 'A Burlesque'
A Taste of 'Come,' Club :: Come Club DJ's and Art Collective.

Come anytime, Voodoorooms Bars Open all evening till 1am
Ballroom Doors from 7.30 for 8.00pm
Acts and Performers onstage from 9pm - 11pm
Come Club DJ's, Art Collective, After party 11pm - 1am
Tickets Full £4.00. Concession £3.00
n.b. Times may vary slightly so be at the Ballroom by 8pm to see the whole show.

Program and tour details, artwork, press blurb, more info

Facebook link for Nov 05

Voodoorooms link- work in progess

New: Full priced tickets are now available from Ripping Records, Edinburgh
Ripping Records 91 South Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1HN