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Nightnews at LJ

Listings and reminders

This LJ was set up to allow other LJ users to link to our listings and reminders. Users wanting event information for Scotland can now be an 'anonymous friend' of this lj, as well as join one of our Yahoo lists, subscribe to the webmaster's Myspace blog or set up Nightnews Yahoo RSS feed direct to a browser or other RSS reader. Only friends may view contact details at this LJ and reply to entries. IP addresses are logged. 'friend of,' list is hidden.

Nightnews is at http://www.nightnews.net

You may prefer to network with Nightnews and the Nightnews Webmaster at Facebook, Myspace, Bebo or join our discrete, anonymous newsletter list at Yahoo



You may check club and gig listings at our media group

Bands that want to play in the UK, Scotland, Edinburgh and other cities in Scotland should click on the magic goth bat.

Contacts from http://www.nightnews.net

We welcome you to our Dark World of Alternative, Goth, Vampire and other events, if you love, support, are active in, perform, or promote such events in Scotland or elsewhere, you are welcome to network with Nightnews....

Linking up may also be an expression of common interests, reciprocity or an aknowledgement that we may know each other in real life. (I am not all that interested in reading anyone's most private thoughts and believe such things should be kept off the internet and LJ.)

To contact Nightnews privately, email or contact me via the Skype system, just dial nightnews or skype-in 0131 208 2175 [Calls may be recorded - normal telephony tos and protocols apply]

Anyone may read and join this LJ, introduce yourself by saying hi in real life, add a comment to the latest posting or by sending a message to nightnews via LJ

Check out our Friends page, it rocks, you can get lost in it forever...

Thanks to all the good goth, alternative as well as other musical and arts people out there whose interest and support is valued and heartening ;-)


Notes ::

The Nightnews newsletter is circulated to 8 nightnews owned yahoo mailing lists with 6,600 users. Nightnews listings (to proactively list events in the music media) are circulated to 500 media contacts regularly with circulation and readership in the millions. The Nightnews website rates highly with Google and has a good unique user count. We post our newsletter here at lj and also at Myspace. Nightnews can advise on the full range of communications activity to successfully market an event.

The Nightnews website and Nightnews-media listings service were started in the late 90's to support goth and alternative music events with media coverage and they are now used by multiple musical genres, performance and the arts. Professional media exposure corrects the imbalance between larger and smaller promoters, allowing niche events to flourish and helping everyone by making the market for all of these events bigger.

[Nightnews content is fully attributable and all rights are reserved, so please don't quote us out of context. And please no more drama or silly malicious content on the internet about the Nightnews newsletter, Website, listings, promotions or the nightnews webmaster. This has already resulted in TOS abuse complaints accompanied by complaints to LJ, service providers, local isp's, network admins, local law enforcement etc :: Stupid locals in the Edinburgh 'scene' created these idiotic 'stalking' and 'harassment' journals here :: nightnewsgossip :: darklordv :: suzycreamcheeze :: Screen shots of the implicated are in the pictures area! ( clicky here or on Pictures.. ) My webstats also identified a likely sockpuppet author, recorded by my webstats and in the photo area ~ since these events took place this type of harassment has become actionable in law. As it says, 'What ye send forth, comes back to thee..']

We don't use Instant Messaging from yahoo, msn, icq etc, for security reasons. We use Skype VOIP, CAM and the Skype chat agent.

More information within....